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The Big Deal

More than just a WordPress theme, The Big Deal is a turn-key business in a box.

Your business is deals. Don’t get hung up in the logistics of designing, developing and deploying a website to facilitate that. Create a full featured Group-buying site with minimal effort. This is your all-in-one group deal/buying WordPress theme solution.

Want to see the Administration area? Check out The Big Deal Reveal on our blog!

  • Release Date: September 29, 2011
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Updated: December 8, 2014
  • Category: Corporate
  • Documentation: View
  • Requires: WP 3.6+
blue, ecommerce, gold, group buying, light, paypal, social buying
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Unique Theme Features

Featured Deal

This is the Big Deal that you\\\\\\\'re trying to get folks to flock to, so we\\\\\\\'ve given it pride of place, front and center on the front page, with an animated image slider, a status panel, and an intelligently tabbed details area.

Control over Deal Options

Having detailed control of the parameters of the deal is essential, and we haven\\\\\\\'t skimped one little bit here. Price, expiry, minimum, maximum and details. They\\\\\\\'re all here.

Customer-centric MyPanels

Your shoppers need to feel like individuals and be in control, too. The Big Deal shows four personal areas to each shopper, keeping them informed and in control.

Custom Message Content

Each business is different, and yours has it\\\\\\\'s own content to inform shoppers of what they\\\\\\\'re getting into, when they take a deal from you. The Big Deal has some great areas ready-made to show that content for you.

Paypal and PayGate Integration

Millions of people use PayPal to accept payments for items they sell on their websites. And with The Big Deal, you can too. We\\\\\\\'ve baked the PayPal integration right in. In the case of South African based businesses we have also included full PayGate integration.

Built-in Marketing

Group-buying is all about the numbers, right? And your strongest marketeers are delighted customers, right? And giving them the tools to share, recommend and express that delight is what brings in their friends and new customers, right? Right. That\\\\\\\'s why we\\\\\\\'ve built in features to empower your shoppers!

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Theme Options Panel

The secret sauce in any WordPress theme is the ability to customise it. We've created a powerful but simple options panel that allows you to fine-tune every eFrog theme, just the way you want it.

Cross Browser Compatible

All our themes are tested across the most popular modern web browsers to ensure that they are compatible. That means that everyone who visits your site gets the same experience, no matter what browser he or she uses.

Widgetized Areas

Widgets are a powerful feature of WordPress themes that let you add cool things to your site. Each eFrog theme comes with at least one widgetized area, making it easy for you to add extra functionality.

Google Analytics

If you're curious about who comes to your website, from where, how often and such-like, we've made it really easy for you to setup your Google Analytics account. No muss, no fuss. Enjoy the numbers.


RSS and email feeds are a way for you to distribute your content well beyond just visitors using browsers. All eFrog themes allow you to effortlessly add your Feedburner link to your site.

Social Bookmarking

You want to make it really simple for people reading your awesome blog to share it on social networks, right? eFrog themes have Social Bookmarking built right in - sit back and enjoy the extra traffic!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a whole field of science and black art all on it's own. But there are some simple things that have a big effect. And as usual, George has your back. eFrog themes come with SEO goodness baked-in.

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