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Sexy, Leather-Embossed Stuff.

0 Posted July 14, 2011 by George Categories: Icon Sets

Helllooo tadpoles! Quick one today, but in line with our enduring quest to always deliver value, even this short post will be worth.your.while.

So, icons are important in website design. True story. But why? Everyone says that, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but WHY? The answer is a mixture of EXACTLY why you thought (because they’re pretty and we like pretty) and a whole other world of scientific, psychological, anthropological human stuff, which, as a frog, you can imagine, goes RIGHT over my pip. Luckily, our good friend, all-round nice guy, and WordPress guru, Matt “Echo” Enduring, has carefully ruminated and cogitated, and put together, what may well be the definitive post on “Icons and why they matter on the web”.
Matt, you’re up.

Ah, you’re back. Round of applause for Matt! Thanks mate! Cheque is in the post.

So, now you know WHY they’re important, it’ll make sense to have a set of the very best icons to dot around your website, right? Perhaps, a set of premium, designer-crafted, no-expense-spared, leather-embossed icons? Oh man! Those would be SO great… But no, they’d be far too dear, he thought sadly, rolling his meager pennies over and over in his little hand, the dust and dirt smearing, as a single large tear plopped down, right in the center…

Never fear! GEORGE is here! From the Photoshop of our finest designers, we present….VELLUM, a rich, leather-embossed style set of 40 social media icons, packaged in five different sizes in PNG format, from 16×16 to a huge 256×256 pixels. They are GORGEOUS! And, they’re FREE! … Wait, that must be a typo, right? … Nope! FREE, baby! Go get them now, and just style that website riiight up!

See? I told you. Value. We haz it. Till next time tadpoles… *happy froggy foot-wave*


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