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Your WP blog: Soup to Nuts – Part 2

0 Posted May 27, 2011 by George Categories: Tips and Tricks

Hello again, tadpoles! This is the second of a three part series of posts, in which we aim to guide you through the process of setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog, from scratch, without pain or bruises. Last week we covered the issue of hosting, as well as downloading and unzipping the WordPress software. Now, we’ll deal with Using an FTP program, and then uploading the WordPress software to your site, and installing WordPress.

So you can jump around to any of the parts of this guide, here’s a roadmap to ALL the items we’ll cover, and you can use this to directly navigate to any of the topics you need help with.

Using An FTP Program

If you wanted to copy files on your local hard drive, you’d use a file manager, like Windows Explorer, or Nautilus (Linux), or Finder (Mac). If you wanted to transfer files from work to the office, you might use a USB drive. But, if you wanted to transfer files to a server, perhaps thousands of kilometers away, on the internet, what would you use? An FTP program, that’s what. Let’s take a closer look at this FTP thing, in our tutorial: Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), shall we?


Installing WordPress

Now that you have the whole FTP thing covered, just like white on rice, it’s time to actually get the WordPress files up onto your site using your newly learnt FTP skills, and then run the install, to create the database and do some WordPress houskeeping. Of course, we have a great step-by-step tutorial for that, as well. Off you go, I’ll wait here…

What? All installed and back already? Excellent, tadpole, the Force is strong within you…


Great progress! You have a working WordPress blog! In the next and final episode, we’ll upload and install a nice new eFrog theme, and take you on a tour of the WordPress Admin panel. Stay tuned!

Bye for now, tadpoles! *signature froggy foot-wave*

*UPDATE* You can read Part 3 of this series, here.


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