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Greyzed Redux

8 Posted May 24, 2011 by George Categories: WordPress Themes

Straight up. We’re very proud of Greyzed here at eFrog Digital Design. Truth be told, we’re proud of all our c̶h̶i̶l̶d̶r̶e̶n̶ themes. This one’s a bit special though…

From it’s unassuming beginnings as a free, giveaway theme, offered by The Forge Web Creations, Greyzed has grown to become one of the top-ten most downloaded free themes on WordPress, with over a quarter of a million downloads. That’s a lot of downloads. A lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things with Greyzed.

Proud and humbled, we are…. *wipes tear, hums Kumbaya*

But we haven’t stopped tweaking and updating Greyzed, and so today, we’re very happy to tell you about the latest version that we’ve made available.

Greyzed 1.4 is waiting for you, at eFrog Themes (for a paltry $5). The new version has been submitted to WordPress for approval and should be available in the gallery (still free) shortly, as well. We’ve fixed some small (but irritating) bugs, as you’ve asked (thanks again to the great folks who engaged us..), and we’ve added a sweet feature or two.

  • Post Thumbnails. Show a post thumbnail for any post, by setting the “featured image” property of the post, Easy. Elegant. Posts without featured images degrade gracefully. No ugly placeholder.
  • Fully Widgetized. The eFrog version has always been widgetized, but that functionality is now available in the and versions as well. Widgets, widgets, everywhere!
  • PSD Included. We’ve had SO many folks ask about this, we just couldn’t say no. Starting with this version, the full, layered PSD is included in the download package (paid version). Customise to your heart’s content, tadpoles. Make beautiful stuff.

In case anyone is confused about paying $5 for Greyzed, when you could download it from for free, let’s clear that up right away. The eFrog version has a couple of significant advantages which we know you’ll see the value of:

  • Social Connections. The eFrog version has the very nice Social Connections widget, built into the theme footer.
  • PSD Included. The full, layered PSD is included in the download package of the eFrog version. That’s worth the pricetag, all on it’s own.
  • Support. Membership of our support forums. Get the support of the folks who made Greyzed, as well as the community that’s grown up around it. A veritable ocean of smarts.

Annnnnd finally, we just want to thank you, all of you, who make Greyzed what it is. And if you haven’t yet, head on over and grab a copy! Have fun! Keep making gorgeous stuff!


10/01/2012 4:58 am
Douglas Burdett

Do you have a Greyzed background that could be used for Twitter?

10/01/2012 9:26 am

Sure Douglas, if you’ve purchased the $5 version of Greyzed here on eFrogThemes, you’ll find the package contains the full layered PSD, which you can extract the background from. Enjoy!

12/01/2012 6:53 pm

Hi – I purchased the $5 version and downloaded all the files (and I’m by no means a graphic designer). Can you suggest which art file I should upload for the Twitter background to make it look more like my site? I tried some of the files, but it sort of butchers your great design.

13/01/2012 10:35 am

Hi Doug. No problem.

When you unzip the package, you’ll find two folders, “greyzed” and “PSD”. Open the “PSD” folder, and you’ll find a file named “greyzed.psd”.

Make a copy of this file. Always backup before editing, yes? This copy is the file you’ll work with.

A PSD is a PhotoShop file, that can also be opened in a variety of other image editors (the silly of having to buy PS for $$$$ just to create a Twitter background has not escaped us :) Google is your friend…), which allows for layers.

The Greyzed theme artwork is built up by layering various elements on top of each other. The result is a “stack” of elements that you see. Now, we can’t teach you to use PhotoShop (or any other image editor that opens PSD files…) in this comment box, but what you’ll be doing, is in the the “layers” palette, each layer can be made visible or not, by clicking the little “eye” doo-dah, to the left of the layer. By starting at the top, and hiding/showing the various layers, you’ll be able to subtract layers/elements, until you have what you want your Twitter background to look like, more or less. You may have to edit further, adding new elements etc, but that is up to you. This is something like what it may look like:

Once you’ve got it looking like you want, you can flatten the layers (cos you’re working in a copy of the file), resize to your requirements, and then save as a format (probably JPEG) that you want. THIS will then be the file that you upload as your Twitter background.

Hope this helps. Can’t wait to see your Twitter page :)

04/02/2012 3:57 pm

Hi, I just bought the greyzed theme, and yet the download link gives me the message “page no longer exists’ – so after buying the theme I’m unable to download it. Help would be appreciated.

04/02/2012 4:24 pm
Guru Frog

Hi Ray,

Thank you for purchasing Greyzed, sorry to hear you’re having a problem, out of hundreds of downloads this is the first time we’ve heard of this so hopefully it’ll be easy to get your problem resolved.

If you go to and log into your account, are you able to click on My Account at the top right of the page? Inside here you will see a link to My Purchase History, clicking on this will show you your purchases and you’ll need to look for the little + sign, click that and you’ll see a little green download arrow.

Please try those steps for me,
Guru Frog

04/02/2012 4:58 pm



04/02/2012 5:14 pm
Guru Frog

Thanks George!


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