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Greyzed Version Differences Unpacked.

1 Posted June 4, 2012 by George Categories: WordPress Themes

Heya tadpoles…

We’ve been getting a couple of queries from folks wanting to know the differences between the different versions of our Greyzed WP theme, particularly the version on, versus the latest version that we’re selling on, and although we put a pretty informative post up when we updated the theme, it looks like it’s time to do that again, so here goes!

  • Post Thumbnails. eFrog version only. Show a post thumbnail for any post, by setting the “featured image” property of the post, Easy. Elegant. Posts without featured images degrade gracefully. No ugly placeholder.
  • Custom Menus. Because Greyzed was written before WordPress even had custom menus, there IS no support for this feature in the version. The eFrog version, however, fully supports custom menus.
  • Fully Widgetized. The eFrog version has been fully widgetized. Widgets, widgets, everywhere! The version has limited support for widgets in the sidebar.
  • Social Connections. The eFrog version has the very nice Social Connections widget, built into the theme footer.
  • PSD Included. The full, layered PSD is included in the download package of the eFrog version. That’s worth the pricetag, all on it’s own.
  • Support. Membership of our support forums. Get the support of the folks who made Greyzed, as well as the community that’s grown up around it. A veritable ocean of smarts.

There you go tadpoles! A nice concise list of the differences between the two major versions of Greyzed!


10/07/2013 11:52 am

Hey there,
are there any plans to create a responsive design version of Greyzed?
I really love this theme and am using it for 3 years now. But since responsive design is kind of getting a must-have I tend to change my blog’s theme….


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